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Designed by the world-renowned Architect Barry Berkus, RANCHO FRANCISCAN is one of the top-rated Apartments for Seniors in the Santa Barbara area for persons 62 or older. At RANCHO FRANCISCAN, there is always something to do, always something going on, and always someone to do it with. The center of all this activity and the heart of the community is the warm, congenial Recreation Center. There, varied and numerous planned social activities and entertainment are organized by RANCHO FRANCISCAN's professional staff. The management team arranges monthly potluck meals, birthday parties, holiday events and electronic-style bingo. Guest speakers are invited on a regular basis. However if you enjoy more quiet and unhurried leisure time, activities such as a retreat to the soothing spa, relaxing with a book in the library, or chatting with friends by the warm glow of the fireplace, you will find it all here at RANCHO FRANCISCAN's a community built to match your lifestyle.