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Happy Thanksgiving! - Date 11/26/2020

Apart from the flavorful pies, today is special because it invites us to be grateful for all the people that helped us become who we are. We are grateful for our #RanchoFranciscan family for making our community such a wonderful place to live!

Cable-ready homes - Date 11/24/2020

The moment you move in, your home is already cable-ready. Are you also ready to keep up with your favorite shows? #RanchoFranciscan #62AndOver #SBapartments

Zero-waste lifestyle - Date 11/19/2020

If you have reusable grocery bags, food containers, and bamboo toothbrushes, you’re already on the right path for a zero-waste lifestyle. Strive for using more such alternatives—mother nature will be happy to reward you!

Help available 24/7 - Date 11/16/2020

Problems don’t care about timing, but we sure do. This is why there’s an on-site team available 24/7 to give you a helping hand when needed! #Maintenance #CommunityGoals

World Kindness Day - Date 11/13/2020

Life without kindness would be like summer without sunshine… luckily, all it takes is a warm smile, some kind words, or a small gesture to make someone’s day. Happy #WorldKindnessDay!

Nearby parks - Date 11/10/2020

‘You can never have too many recreational spots’ said the city of Santa Barbara and sprinkled parks all around your home at #RanchoFranciscan. Where do you like to go for a stroll?

We are in this together - Date 11/05/2020

Our clubhouse may be closed still, but the more we need to wait to reopen it, the more rewarding it will eventually feel to walk through its doors again. Until then, please continue to #staysafe! #CommunityGoals

Location, Location, Location! - Date 11/02/2020

When hearing the word ‘Hitchcock’, many would instantly think of the world-renowned English director. Still, residents at ‘221 Hitchcock Way’ associate it with their wonderful home that boasts incredible walkability! #LiveWhereYouThrive

Happy Halloween! - Date 10/30/2020

Have you perfected the art of pumpkin carving or did you maybe sew costumes yourself? Whatever way you choose to celebrate, we wish you a joyful and spooky Halloween!

Walking paths - Date 10/27/2020

There’s something especially soothing about the fall breeze accompanying you on your evening walks. Best of all, you don’t need to go out of your way to enjoy it—our meandering paths are the perfect backdrop for the experience.

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