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Local Charity - Date 06/30/2020

Small things can make a huge difference, and that’s also true for the philanthropic work #TheSantaBarbaraFoundation aspires to carry out—they fund various fields such as education, health, culture, environment, and more.

Global Beatles Day - Date 06/25/2020

You may say we are dreamers, but imagine all the people coming together on #GlobalBeatlesDay and listening to their favorite tunes from the world-renowned rock band. Which of their songs do you find the most inspiring?

World Rainforest Day - Date 06/22/2020

Rainforests are one of the longest living ecosystems whose importance is unquestionable. #RainforestDay was created to raise awareness about their fragility, while also reminding us of all the ways we can help with their preservation.

Living Room Decor - Date 06/19/2020

From houseplants and paintings to colorful cushions and bookshelves, there are so many ways to personalize your living room. Are you considering adding any small details to your #RanchoFranciscan home?

Smile Power Day - Date 06/15/2020

They say yawns are contagious, but there’s something even more powerful than them. We’re talking about the power of a smile, and today is all about the curve that sets everything straight. So, go the extra (s)mile and show off your pearly whites!

Community Highlight - Date 06/11/2020

At #RanchoFranciscan there are tons of ways to soak in the California sun, be that on your private balcony or the meandering walking paths. Which spot do you swear by? #CaliforniaLiving #SBapartments

High Ceilings, Bright Interiors - Date 06/08/2020

The high ceilings in every #RanchoFranciscan home lend the space a welcoming, bright feel. It’s especially true this time of the year, when the rooms bask in natural light all day long! #SBapartments #62AndOver

Iced Tea Month - Date 06/05/2020

Tea is one of the few brews that can be both heart-warming and refreshing. So, it’s only fitting to have a whole month dedicated to iced tea, a cool drink to quench your thirst in the summer heat.

Summer Feeling - Date 06/02/2020

No matter your favorite season, one cannot deny that there’s something truly magical about summer. What do you like most about this time of the year? #WelcomeSummer #RanchoFranciscanLifestyle

Book Inspiration - Date 05/28/2020

They say sharing is caring, so we invite you to share the last book you read that inspired you the most. Who knows—it could impress someone else just as much!

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