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Groceries - Date 09/25/2020

Homecooked meals are so much tastier when you add fresh ingredients and a little love. The former can be found at Whole Foods Market right outside your door, while the latter is up to you, of course!

World Car Free Day - Date 09/22/2020

The high walkability of our address already gives you enough reasons to leave your four-wheeler at home. Today, #WorldCarFreeDay gives you another one!

On-Site Maintenance - Date 09/17/2020

Domestic mishaps come and go, but our friendly maintenance staff is here to stay, so that your days continue to run smoothly! #MaintenanceFree #Carefree

We're in This Together - Date 09/15/2020

The strength of a community shows when small efforts come together and leave a great impact. With this in mind, we would like to thank each member of our #RanchoFranciscan family for being considerate of others—and please, continue to #staysafe!

Special Offers - Date 09/10/2020

Centered around the wellbeing of its residents, The Towbes Group reduced all rent by 10% in the past months. Wondering about other promotions? Contact our leasing team for additional info!

Shop Local - Date 09/07/2020

Whether for gift hunting or to find unique accessories, Lovebird Boutique and Jewelry Bar puts forward signature items anyone would like to show off. Find their beautifully crafted products just 10 minutes away from #RanchoFranciscan!

Walking Paths - Date 09/04/2020

The green foliage on our grounds inspires you year-round. It’s not only a breath of fresh air, but also a delight to look at. #RanchoFranciscanLifestyle #SBapartments #62AndOver

Read A New Book - Date 09/01/2020

The world changes one book at a time, and #ReadANewBookMonth shows us that there’s always time to embark on imaginary adventures and feel inspired over and over again. What’s on your book-it list?

Summer Highlights - Date 08/28/2020

Every season has its ups and downs, but it is up to us to focus more on what’s good. With this in mind, we would love to find out: what were the highlights of this summer for you?

Ice-cold drinks - Date 08/25/2020

From lemonades to iced teas and smoothies, there are so many options that quench your thirst and keep you cool on a sweltering day. What’s your favorite? #SummerDrinks #StayCool #RanchoFranciscan #62AndOver

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