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Multi-cycle dishwasher - Date 02/18/2020

Forget about dishes and pile up moments of joy instead—you have a multi-cycle dishwasher ensuring there’s one less chore to worry about.

Valentine's Day - Date 02/14/2020

Every day we try to show those closest to us how much we care about them, but today is a good excuse to go over-the-top and shower them with an extra ounce of affection. May you all celebrate in LOVEly company filled with warmth and appreciation!

Public Transportation - Date 02/11/2020

Planning a fun day out exploring Santa Barbara’s museums, botanical garden, or zoo? You can reach any of these destinations in a heartbeat, thanks to our direct access to public transportation!

Planned social activities - Date 02/06/2020

Did you know that connecting with friends not only makes you feel good, but also boosts your physical and mental well-being? Our planned social activities consider all of these, and more. Which one has been your favorite so far?

Morning Walk - Date 02/04/2020

Reap the benefits of a morning walk and start your Monday the right way! When you stroll through our beautifully landscaped grounds, you get to enjoy the energy it gives you for the rest of the day.

Central Coast Scenery - Date 01/29/2020

We love living on the Central Coast! There is so much natural scenery throughout the nearby public lands. Do you have a favorite spot to visit?

Good Morning! - Date 01/27/2020

We hope your Monday morning is filled with friends, fun, and maybe even a few sweets! #friends #goodmorning #coffee #pastries #monday

Reduced Water Consumption - Date 01/23/2020

We are proud to say that our community’s focus on being green has led to reductions in water consumption. We are so happy to have supportive residents who come together to make this happen!

Community Library - Date 01/20/2020

This Monday, we hope you find a great book to put on your reading list. Did you know we have a little library that is available to our residents?

Travel Plans - Date 01/16/2020

Residents always enjoy sharing their tales of travel and we love hearing them. Where is your next vacation taking you? #travel #explore #retirement

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