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Clubhouse Amenities - Date 03/26/2020

While our lovely clubhouse is closed at the moment, we look forward to showing you these community amenities via our website! #RanchoFranciscanLifestyle #SantaBarbaraApartments #62AndOver

World Storytelling Day - Date 03/20/2020

Be it a fairy tale, joke, or our own experiences in life—every story has the power to delight, inform, and ultimately, connect us. On World Storytelling Day, share your favorite memory that connects you to the Rancho Franciscan family!

St. Patrick's Day - Date 03/17/2020

Saint Patrick's Day gives you the perfect opportunity to celebrate the good things in life. This includes everything from music and dancing to delicious food. May you all have a day full of luck!

Museum Exhibition - Date 03/14/2020

It’s truly fascinating how fine art can inspire every individual differently. Which is why we think the ’Starry Nights: Visions of the Night Sky’ exhibition is worth a visit for a mesmerizing experience!

Convenient Dishwashers - Date 03/10/2020

With a great meal comes the hassle of washing dishes—this, however, is not a source of worry as every Rancho Franciscan home includes a dishwasher for your utmost convenience!

Whole Foods Market - Date 03/06/2020

Do you have everything prepared for tonight’s delicious dinner, except for one ingredient? Luckily, you can stop by Whole Foods Market and fetch it last-minute—it’s just a few steps away from home!

Natural Views - Date 03/04/2020

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, green is associated with tranquility, good luck, and health. So it’s no wonder our residents love waking up to beautiful natural views every day!

Leap Year - Date 02/28/2020

When we wish we had more time to do what we’ve been putting off until now, 2020 leaps to our aid with a Leap Day. How do you plan on making the most of these extra 24 hours?

Green Living - Date 02/24/2020

Have you ever repurposed an old household item? Then you know it not only creates less waste, but you also get to be creative and play interior designer. ??

The Saturday Fishermen's Market - Date 02/21/2020

From crab and rockfish to halibut, black cod, and ling cod, The Saturday Fishermen’s Market lets you fish for all the delicacies that make your dinner extra special!

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